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Feeling Lonely at the Top?

Then Mastermind May Be For You.

Do you:

  • Feel isolated as a business owner?
  • Want to grow your business but aren't sure how?
  • Wonder if you're making the right business decisions?
  • Wish you had a board of directors whose expertise and advice you can trust?

Then joining a NAWBO Mastermind Group may be just what you need. The purpose of Mastermind is to promote problem-solving and creativity among a small group of business owners in a safe, supportive, constructive environment.

How do they work? Typically a group consists of 7-10 NAWBO members who meet every 4-6 weeks, develop their own agenda based on members’ needs, agree to total confidentiality, and have a rotating facilitator who helps keep the group focused and on time. Sample topics for discussion may include reviewing a marketing brochure, handling a difficult customer, developing new business areas, etc. Some groups consist of non-competing members with no set agenda other than to keep each other on track. Other Mastermind groups may consist of members who want to sell on the Internet and discuss how best to do it. Or NAWBO members in the same industry may form a group to share experiences and knowledge.

Members of Mastermind groups formed under the aegis of NAWBO-CJ chapter must belong to NAWBO and also be business owners involved in management, with the power to make day-to-day business decisions. They must also be willing to sign nondisclosure agreements.

If you think you could benefit from Mastermind, e-mail our Mastermind Chair Judy Hathaway at jhath62@gmail.comor fax (732-741-0716) the information below. We will then determine if there are openings in existing groups and/or if there are matches regarding meeting times, purpose, and location. If you are willing to start a new group, we will forward to you the information about the other interested members and their group preferences so that you can see if anyone would be a good match. Questions?

 E-mail our Mastermind Chair Judy Hathaway with the following information:

# of yrs in business:
Best times to meet (am, lunch, pm):
Purpose (e.g., business growth, life balance, new business, new direction, etc.):
Willing to start new group:




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